Research team

Engineers have always designed parametrically, inasmuch as structural parameters are variables; some with known limits, and some not. In this sense, quantifying those parameters is an intrinsic aspect of the engineer’s skill. But our research team® takes this conventional application to a whole new level. is an undisciplined group within our office, that has made it an imperative to create and investigate theories associated with the relationship of the form and performance of structures using the most up-to-date computer software, applying their accrued knowledge to inform and modify any live project within the company. The aim is always to make the project leaner and more efficient.’s applied research can be used to define form and programme at any stage of the project, from the design phase through to construction; from the heady aesthetics of realising previously unseen or unbuilt forms, to modifying the geometry of a structure to make it more buildable or economic, changing the nature of fabrication to reduce programme, or lowering its carbon footprint. They can analyse any parameter, not just structural ones, and run simulations to investigate what happens if they are taken to their limits.

This analysis modelling, far from being mere theory, is gradually being recognised as the future of construction design. As a company, our ability to effectively analyse engineering design from every angle is due in no small measure to the strength of our team.