AKT II Envelopes

As the element which occupies the zone where internal, artificial environments modified by human intervention meet with the natural world, the envelope of a building has long been an area of design where the needs of utility have collided with the desires of ornamentation.  AKT II Envelopes is located at this interface, seamlessly bridging the gap between aesthetics and function.

Over the years, AKT II has worked on the façades of many buildings, drawn by the challenges that a confluence of engineering, architecture and geometry presents. Early in the evolution of our practice we were faced with one of the more demanding schemes in our portfolio, the Blue Glass Wall in Southwark Station. From this base AKT II has grown from strength to strength; finding the interface with manufacturers to be of great importance, we actively sought to work with the best in the industry. For us the balancing of analytical and computational capability, design flair and a deep rooted understanding of the craft of manufacture is crucial.

AKT II Envelopes aims to respond to a need often relayed to us by our clients, in providing a consultancy service with the sole purpose of producing holistic, well-conceived designs with an understanding of the many attractors that through either necessity or desire compete for dominance or harmony. We aim to consider the gross energy strategy for the building alongside the performance of the façade, whilst finding a compromise between manufacturing sensitivities and critical factors such as deflections, wind movement and maintenance. To be able to cover so many angles we must have many skills at our disposal, ranging from building physics to detailing, wind engineering to parametric analysis systems. This unusually broad skill-set, together with a desire to maintain open discussions with the academic world, allows us to continually challenge the current comfortable approaches to key design issues.

Projects with focus on façades