Exterior shot of R7
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External shot of the building
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Internal shot
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Roof garden in R7
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Kings Cross Central 03
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King's Cross R7

Part of the regeneration scheme for King’s Cross, London, building R7 is designed to provide flexible office space with a cinema complex, retail and restaurants at ground and mezzanine levels; this is all accessed via a 7 m high entrance lobby.

Stylishly clad in a mix of rose pink and copper metal panels, the building reflects the evolving area; a modern, creative district that includes other exciting developments, such as Pancras Square and Coal Drops Yard.

The structural form comprises of a concrete frame with two reinforced concrete cores for stability. There are minimal internal columns within the floor plate, whilst perimeter columns are typically spaced at 6 m apart. The requirement for flat exposed soffits meant that post-tensioned concrete slabs were identified as the most suitable option for floor construction, and floor soft spots have also been included in the base build as removable, lightweight steel and timber panels to allow flexibility for future redevelopment with minimal disruption.

It was intended for as many sub-tenancies as possible to have access to a terrace, whether in the form of smaller inset terraces or larger terraces where the building mass sets back. Any drainage and insulation requirements for external spaces required careful coordination with the internal structure. For the shared roof terrace on level 9, the slab thickness was increased and there are higher quantities of post-tensioning strands.

The adjacent building R8 is proposed to have a shared basement structure, with block work being used to separate them. The client requested that the design enable either plot to be redeveloped independently if required in the future.

A piled foundation system was decided, assisting with the variable foundation level, which also reduced the potential to induce movements in the nearby Network Rail tunnel.

Pink copper clad, multi-use development for King’s Cross

London, UK
Duggan Morris
£ 76 million