© Valerie Bennett
© Valerie Bennett
© Valerie Bennett
© Valerie Bennett
© Valerie Bennett

Meydan Shopping Square

Foreign Office Architects conceived this shopping centre for a brownfield site in Ümraniye on the fringe of Istanbul as a walk-through landscape of flowing surfaces which form into large volumes. 

We helped establish the design parameters to achieve this quite different vision for modern shopping, while also providing spaces, structures and facilities that suit the norms of retailers. 

The basic elements are typical of shopping centres with areas for speciality shops grouped together by themes such as sports, casual wear, a department store, a giant supermarket and various smaller outlets. Local supply chain expertise and the influence of seismic design parameters dictated that concrete waffle construction was the most practical and cost effective structural solution. The interiors have column grids – 16 m square for the supermarket but smaller for the other units. There is a massive underground car park across the whole site. 

The shops are evenly grouped around a central, open air, multi-functional space. What is different is the way the spaces, volumes and surfaces emerge from the folded landscape. Our aim as structural engineers was to find a way, without adding to the cost and accommodating with seismic ground conditions, to construct this enticing landscape where the ground itself seems to open to create retail opportunities, and where the banalities of most shopping centres are superseded by a far more exciting experience. Here, rather than a few boring sheds in the middle of a sea of tarmac, shopping can be a visit to the park, but still offer the convenience and choice of a large shopping centre. 

Unique vision for a shopping centre set on a folded, flowing landscape outside Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey
Metro Asset Management
Foreign Office Architects
£ 35 million

  • 2010 ICSC Best-of-the-Best Award for Sustainability
  • 2009 European Shopping Centre Awards – ‘ReSource’ Award
  • 2008 Prime Property Award
  • 2008 ULI Europe Award for Excellence
  • 2008 ArkiPARC Property Awards – First Prize