Senior Specialist in Masonry Façades for Heritage Buildings

We are looking to employ a senior specialist in masonry façades for heritage buildings to join our Envelopes team at our London headquarters.

What is the role?

This position would suit a façade engineer, structural engineer, architect or contractor with relevant experience and a desire to work within an innovative group. You would join our Envelopes team, which is composed of individuals from engineering, architectural and contracting backgrounds, operating in a cross-disciplinary environment.

AKT II has delivered a wide variety of refurbishment and heritage projects, and our current workload includes several high-profile, historic buildings. Click for examples.

Your responsibilities will include the following:

  • Responsibility for providing expert technical advice on all matters pertaining to masonry façades, including retained and replacement façades to heritage buildings
  • Working within our Envelopes engineering team to deliver services on all refurbishment projects
  • Assisting and informing our structural engineering teams on projects with retained façades
  • Responsibility for aspects of project design from bid-stage to completion
  • Attendance at interviews and client meetings to discuss the technical aspects of a project and our proposed approach
  • Liaison with the wider design team to develop coordinated design proposals
  • Delivery of drawings, specifications and reports to satisfy design and construction programmes

We’d like to hear from you if you can

  • Carry out site inspections and condition surveys of existing masonry façades
  • Make recommendations for the repair, replacement, cleaning and maintenance of existing façades
  • Prepare design details for remedial and replacement works
  • Communicate design proposals with sketches, drawings and presentations
  • Prepare specifications for new and refurbished masonry façades
  • Use relevant design and analysis software to support your proposals
  • Assess thermal performance and condensation risk. The ability to carry out thermal analysis is desirable, but not essential, as other members of our team can do this
  • Calculate structural properties of proposed wall build-ups. Again, the ability to perform structural analysis is desirable, but not essential
  • Evaluate the effects of structural movements and tolerances on the durability of the façade
  • Advise on appropriate protection measures for retained façades during construction
  • Advise on stone selection and testing
  • Contribute to end of stage design reports
  • Maintain positive and productive relationships with specialist subcontractors
  • Review contractor’s design proposals and calculations
  • Inspect quarries and stone working facilities to monitor quality control procedures


  • An appropriate engineering or architectural qualification and evidence of CPD
  • The applicant should have at least 5 years’ experience and be able to present five examples of completed projects where the applicant has played a significant role in design and delivery
  • The ideal applicant will be able to demonstrate their experience, competency and flexibility to rise to challenging situations and take on responsibility appropriate to their capability
CV (3 MB max.)
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