Bloomberg HQ scoops 'Project of the Year'


Bloomberg’s new European headquarters, located in the heart of the City of London, has been awarded Building Magazine’s 'Project of the Year'. The award has recognised the exceptional quality of design, sustainability, innovation and construction that has been achieved.

This once in a generation project provides 4,000 London-based employees a dynamic workplace designed to inspire collaboration and to push the boundaries of sustainable office design. The design process involved unprecedented levels of research, innovation and experimentation, with pioneering new details and techniques tested, prototyped – sometimes at 1:1 scale – and rigorously improved.

Iain Parker from the judging panel said:
“The Bloomberg project stood out from the crowd for its vision and ability to redefine a collaborative workplace environment. It is clear that the building has overcome significant engineering challenges above and below ground, and the internal environment and attention to detail sets this building apart from others. A fantastic testimony to pushing the boundaries of creativity."

Congratulations to the client and all of the project team involved!