Planning approved for Moorfields office

Tenter House

Tenter House with David Walker Architects has received planning!

Located in London’s Moorfields, this 18-storey office with ground floor retail will replace an existing 1960s block. The structure consists of a prefabricated timber and concrete composite system that responds to the constrained inner-city site. The massing also steps back at the upper levels to create terraces and includes four internal winter gardens.

In addition to the structural design, AKT II Envelopes has been working on the façade, which features a modern, natural design of timber, stone, green walls and integrated photovoltaic cells, and our bioclimatic team have been measuring the development’s impact on wind in the surrounding area.

“By combining the relative strengths of timber and concrete we have created a new prefabricated typology enabling the use of exposed structural timber in the City.” – Rob Partridge, Director