Vanta is the new black at Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

Hyundai Pavilion

AKT II has teamed up with Asif Khan once again to create the Hyundai Pavilion for the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

To meet Asif Khan’s unique vision, as well as the project’s need for a rapid delivery on a site prone to heavy snowfall, we developed a cost-effective structural and façade engineering response using simple, sustainable materials.

A structural system of prefabricated steel trusses was chosen which could be swiftly assembled on site, minimising time. The façade, being one of the main showpieces for the pavilion, required a flexible surface that could be spray painted with Vantablack and inserted with spikes for LEDs; a prefabricated timber cassette was the preferred solution, enabling the ‘starfield’ façade to be created with ease. Interestingly, Vantablack is a chemical substance made of vertically aligned carbon nanotube arrays; it is the darkest artificial substance made by man, absorbing up to 99 % of radiation in the visible spectrum.

“Our continued collaboration with Asif Khan has been pushing boundaries in materiality, form and narrative, and the pavilion for Hyundai is another leap forward in this. Working in a high-energy team dynamic, with a fiercely imaginative design drive, is producing unique and memorable experiences for both visitor and client, utilising design as a marketing concept to elevate it above the norm.” – Ed Moseley, Design Director

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