Iain Bleakley contributes to RIBA award winning research paper


Researching multi-material use in façades, Kostas Grigoriadis has won the prestigious RIBA President’s Award for Research in the Design and Technical category.

Iain Bleakley, an Associate in our AKT II Envelopes team, assisted in the Structural Analysis section of the article and provided a small contribution to Kostas’ overall research material.

The research is on multi-materials – looking at the possibilities of façades in the future without components and fixings but with fused and chemically attached ‘graded multi-materials’.

Iain spoke of Kostas’ achievement: ‘As a façade designer, materials and how they interact has always excited me, so considering the design and engineering implications of Kostas’ ‘multi-materials’ was a very interesting exercise. It’s great to see Kostas getting recognition for his fascinating research and I look forward to the blurred boundaries of materials in the future as technology evolves.’

You can read the published awarded research, right here: https://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/hY2vxWstequzeqsFQchN/full?target=10.1080/13602365.2019.1578074

AKT II would like to congratulate Kostas on winning this award!

RIBA Announcement: https://www.ribaj.com/intelligence/computational-blends-president-medal-research-kostas-grigoriadis-architectural-association