Innovative house spray carried out by drones


This week, at Milan Design Week, we assisted in carrying out the Terramia installation, which is the third in a series of prototype projects built at pavilion scale to explore innovative drone spraying techniques.

Terramia was conceived from the idea of responding to crises and emergencies rapidly. This project, Terramia, by Stephanie Chaltiel and Fabio Gatti consists of developing innovative housing prototypes using exclusively local, raw natural materials along with drone spraying technology.

The techniques have been developed through the Innochain network by a multi-discipline team of architects and engineers and are aimed at coating layers of raw mortars onto lightweight formworks without the need for human access. The drone application opens the opportunities of new architectural forms for shotcrete related technologies.

The Terramia project consists of three freeform vault structures ranging from 3.5m to 5.5m high to be built during the Milan Design Week in Palazza Regione Lombarda using stressed bamboo arches clad with jute fabric and later drone sprayed with layers of bio mortars.

Edoardo Tibuzzi, Associate Director of our team, spoke on the groundbreaking spray: Breakthroughs are often the result of perseverance and small but steady improvements. We are lucky enough to supporting Stepahnie Chaltiel and her team to develop her research in drone spraying systems, and this is the latest iteration.Three beautiful bamboo and jute enclosures sprayed with a custom made drone for the Milan design week.’

This project is by Stephanie Chaltiel (architect UPC Barcelona) and Fabio Gatti, with Summum Engineering as principle structural engineers (Diederik Veenendaal and Francesco Verzura) and AKT II as consulting engineering (Edoardo Tibuzzi and Gavin Sayers) as well as CanyaViva, the fabricators of the bamboo structure (Jonathan Cory-Wright and Fabio Gatti).