International Day of Education 2019

Education Projects

On this day, January 24th, it’s the United Nations International Day of Education. The UN has marked this day to acknowledge that education is a human right and should be free and compulsory for all children around the globe.

AKT II has had the pleasure of working on some amazing education projects over the years, bringing refurbished and new facilities to educational institutes in and outside of the UK. Now, on the International Day of Education, we look back to some of our education projects, across the world. Here’s our list of our top 11 education projects, (in no particular order):

1. Georges Malaika Foundation School

with studioMDA

Completed back in 2011, the Georges Malaika Foundation School is located on the outskirts of Lubumbashi, in a small village in the Democratic Republic of Congo. studioMDA aimed for simplicity in their design, with a courtyard building and covered walkways connecting classrooms. To find out more about our project, visit the project page.

2. Lali Guran’s Orphanage

with MOS

Our project with MOS architects, located in Kathmandu, Nepal is comprised of a complex concrete structure to house this non-profit and non-religious orphanage, caring and educating children since 1994. In a particularly active seismic region, this concrete structure is designed to withstand the challenges of the Nepalese region. Find out more on the project, right here.

3. Masdar Institute

with Foster + Partners

One of our international with Foster + Partners architects in Abu Dhabi, this huge ‘futuristic’ new development was completed back in 2010. The latest sustainable design technology was used in this huge development, which incorporated both residential blocks and academic buildings within the masterplan of this university. Want to find out more about the multi-award winning project? Well, click through to our project page!

4. Fawood Children’s Centre

with Alsop Architects (now aLL Design)

The iconic Fawood Children’s Centre was designed by the late Will Alsop and was completed in early 2004. The centre, situated in north-west London, is comprised of three-storey stacks of shipping containers in an enclosed area, covering the spaces like special needs suites and meeting rooms too. You can read more on this project on the project page.

5. Reigate Grammar School

with Walters & Cohen

Working with Walters & Cohen to provide Reigate Grammar School with a new build to house the school’s library as well as provide a larger space for the sixth form.

6. Lister Community School

with Anshen & Allen Architects

The specialist performing arts school in Plaistow was completed in 2012, with Anshen & Allen Architects – AKT II worked alongside to provide regenerate this school in the borough. Alongside the architects, we provided new facilities for sports and performance. If you’d like to see more about the project, click here.

7. LSE Paul Marshall Building

with Grafton Architects

A project with Grafton Architects, this is one of a handful of buildings we have worked on for London School of Economics. The nine-storey Paul Marshal Building is situated on the site of the former Imperial Cancer Research Fund Facility. This multi-purpose mixed-use building combines teaching, learning and research facilities all in one, with rooftop gardens and terraces too. Read more about the project, here.

8. Sainsbury Laboratory

with Stanton Williams

Our Stirling Prize-winning project with Stanton Williams, houses the plant science research labs, on the edge of the botanical gardens in Cambridge. The building is home to labs, meeting spaces, an auditorium as well as a herbarium with a seed and plant collection belonging to Charles Darwin. To discover more about the Sainsbury Laboratory, click the link to the project page.

9. Investcorp Building

with Zaha Hadid Architects

The Investcorp Building at St Anthony’s College in Oxfordshire combines archive storage, along with a gallery, library, café, as well a lecture hall. This standout piece of architecture seamlessly blends into the surrounding environment, whilst simultaneously remaining bold. To find out more about our project with Zaha Hadid Architects, click to our project page.

10. Drawing Studio

with Crab Studio

Designed by Crab Studio (Cook Robotham Architectural Bureau), our project for the Bournemouth Arts University brings a drawing studio to the campus. Unique in its shape and design, we assisted in the creation of this space for the students of the university. Find out more about the project, on the Drawing Studio project page.

11. Brampton Manor Academy

with Cullinan Studio

(formerly Edward Cullinan Architects)

Finally, we have the Brampton Manor Academy. This project was designed by Edward Cullinan and was the second phase in the same redevelopment which the Lister Community School was also a part of. You can learn more about this project, on the Brampton Manor Academy project page.

Recently, BBC news reported that Brampton Manor Academy students received 41 Oxbridge offers for their students. As a state school, this is fairly uncommon. However, it shows that with the right facilities, students can flourish and secure places at Oxford and Cambridge without paying tuition fees, making prestigious higher education institutes more accessible.

These are just some of the many education projects AKT II have worked on. To see more, click here to see our Education Projects.