AKT II supports Architects Declare

Architects Declare

We applaud the initiative taken by 17 Stirling Prize-winning architecture practices and many others who have united to declare a climate emergency.

Though this is an architecture specific initiative, we believe it’s one all designers within the built environment should support. We offer complete and total support to Architects Declare and architects who support this agenda within the industry.

 ‘We consider design to be holistic and work respectfully alongside architects on projects. We would like to join our colleagues and support them for taking action with this important agenda.’ - Marta Galiñanes-Garcia, Design Director for Climate Issue and Circular Economy

‘For years our practice has worked with sustainability in mind, whether it be through the re-use of structures, optimised design or the longevity of buildings through inherent flexibility.’

AKT II would encourage all built environment practitioners to join this crucial initiative and support the on-going effort of architect’s work.


Find out more by clicking the link below.

Architects Declare