Inspiring the next generation of designers

BSix College pavilion workshop

As part of a project originally envisaged by AKT II engineers Daniel Bergsagel, Phil Isaac and Sinead Conneely and architect Ishbel Mull, BSix College in London took part in a two-day structural design workshop.

Judging help was supplied by AKT II Director Ed Moseley, Jeroen Janssen and architects Asif Khan and Cyril Shing, and sponsored by several companies including AKT II.

20 students were given the opportunity to split into groups and design their own pavilion, with the promise of seeing the winning design assembled in the college grounds. The designs were presented to the expert panel of engineers and architects, and the winner chosen.

Over the following weeks, meetings were held with skilled tradespeople to prefabricate certain aspects of the timber structure, before a team of students and AKT II volunteers gathered to build the pyramid-shaped pavilion over a single weekend.


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