Planning for a new HQ in Russia’s Silicon Valley

Sberbank Technopark

The Sberbank Technopark development with Zaha Hadid Architects has received planning!

Located outside Moscow, the new Sberbank Technopark will provide a 7-storey structure of two linked buildings, with a feature atrium, winter gardens and a permeable glass façade, set to house over 11,000 people.

We worked with the architect on a unique design that aims to maximise the wellbeing and productivity of its users. The structure contains large-span floors and generous floor-to-ceiling heights that allow flexibility to the interior layout, as well as ample daylight into the deep floor plates. Part of the ‘warehouse’ aesthetic is the exposed structure and services, leading to the design of floor grids that are both efficient and elegant in a reciprocal, hexagonal arrangement.

The development is split by a main boulevard, creating two distinct plots. These two buildings are connected at every floor by five pedestrian link bridges spanning 42 m.